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Photograph by Robert A. Fischer


    About the Book
    Bob Fischer has been in love with Isadora Duncan for over 40 years; and now, his new inspiration, Lois Ann Flood. Her dance captures the power and fire of Duncan dance, pushing him to photograph her all the more, discovering newer and deeper emotions with each shot. “Light, because it bounces off the surface, blinds us to the content of the thing being viewed. We think that if we have seen the ocean that we know the ocean. But, if we have not dived below its surface we don’t. Behind the lens that Fischer aims at Flood is a prismatic eye that dives into the ocean that is metamorphosing beneath the skin. Tides of tension and release pulse new vibrations into the observer with the turn of each page. We are not merely seeking a beautiful dancer but are beckoned into a profound exploration of an immortal muse and her idolater.”

    Author website: www.robertfischerphoto.com

    Features & Details

  • Size: Large Square, 12×12 in, 30×30 cm
    114 Pages
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  • “Painting, Poetry, and Photography make Rich Soup. ”I began painting at 22 in 1971 and photography at 48 in 1997. Photography was the basis for my painting, particularly black and white photos from the likes of Avedon, Penn, and Hurrell. It gave me the freedom to capture what was spread before me in a millisecond that took weeks on canvas with paint. I have never considered myself a “Photographer” chained to F stops, focal lengths, and the demands of focus versus blur; but rather a painter with a camera. Clicking the shutter, particularly with this collection, is the point of departure into a strange journey of color, image, and text by writers I have long adored or newly discovered.

    I have idolized Isadora Duncan ever since seeing Vanessa Redgrave in the movie of Duncan’s life. I nearly committed suicide to emulate my idol, albeit an accident, but no less dramatic. This collection of images of Bay Area Duncan Dancer, Lois Ann Flood, is a dizzying mélange of digital image, digital paint, and experimentation, emeshed with poetry, prose, song lyrics, and scribbles. Poems enrich and underscore already complex tableaux. Lois is my muse and thru her genius of movement I have captured the essence of dance, art, and sexuality.”