Lois has been invited to share her art with family and friends of her dear friend Jean Harris on Sunday, September 13 in the Brazialian Room in Tilden Park. She will perform a 1913 choreography by Isadora of the Chopin Nocturne Opus 9 No. 2 with flautist Nika Rejto and dedicated to Jean’s memory. Invitation ^ Map

Performance at the Pardee House Museum,
Oakland California on April 19, 2015

Yesterday Lois had the wonderful opportunity to perform at the Pardee House for a group of supporters and officers of the museum, the entertainment program of an event created to thank these people. There were perhaps sixty people packed into the living room and hallway of what was the home of George Pardee as a youngster and on to be the home of his family and his wife, Helen. Pardee was a medical doctor and politician who became mayor of Oakland and later Governor of California, 1903 to 1907.
So this is why it was so wonderful. The house is actually in the nearby neighborhood to where Isadora grew up in Oakland. It is one block from the still existing Oakland Unitarian Church where Isadora first performed. Lois was introduced as Isadora by Dennis, dressed in evening attire of the period, playing Governor Pardee.  
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“Beautiful Dreamer” by donnio

Vallejo photographer donnio took photos of Lois at her last performance, then photoshopped her into a beautiful outdoor setting. View it, and also a photo by Lois’ friend Gene, accompanied by original music by Daniel Zwickel ben Avrám by clicking here.

Lois was just on the radio in Sonoma, in preface to her performance there this month. How did she do?

“Wow, great job, Lois, on outreach!!
I was surprised that Ken didn’t ask more questions. I think perhaps he’s rarely blessed with a person who can speak so articulately about their subject, so he just let you “fly.” I have no feel for how many people listen to our local radio shows. But it’s the only on-air voice we have, so we take advantage of it. Thanks again for taking the time to do it.

(Monical Monica McKey, Coordinator,
Sonoma Nights Showcase,
A program of the Sonoma Theatre Alliance)

  • Lois gets a nice write-up in the Santa Cruz Sentinal for her workshop November 16: Article * Dowlnload PDF
  • She also appeard in the Trib: Trib article  *  Article alone * Here are photos from the performance: Lois in Sonoma

  • Lois has become a member of the prestigious Conseil International de la Danse (CID), a global UNESCO organization headquartered in Paris, France. The invitation was as follows:
    Dear Director,

    You have been nominated by Prof. Dr. Alkis Raftis, President of the CID, to become a member of the International Dance Council CID at UNESCO, Paris.
    Members of the CID are distinguished organizations and individuals in 160 countries.
    You can visit the CID portal for general information. Our Secretariat remains at your disposal.
    We will be happy to receive acceptance.

    Mr. Athanassios Kalantzis
    Management Assistant”

  • Lois was on the M.C. Hammer show, “Way of Love” Saturday the 14th on KCSO. Here is the interview. (At the end of it, M.C. says Lois is coming back, but the interview actually ended there.) Click on: KSCO Interview

  • Lois works regularly with poet and artist, Marjorie Lynne Wagner. Here they are performing together

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  • Isadora is Forever … and now, officially, a Forever stamp from the US Postal Service! Click here to view it, then go to your local post office and buy sheets of it

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    Dancer, Instructor and Peace Activist, Lois Flood, describes how exposure to the artistic expression & methods of Isadora Duncan changed her life. The story produced & narrated by KPFA Producer and News Reporter, Tina Bachemin. Click on: Lois on KPFA