Cameo Theater, St. Helena, October 23, 2010.
Filmed and edited by Arthur Levinson
Please turn off background music before viewing.

Just today this webmaster received a CC of an e-mail Lois sent to her friend Richelle. In the Subject box she wrote “something magic happened”:

    The magical thing that happened at my performance, just a brief description of the event.
    St. Joseph's Cultural Center is a wonderful 150-year-old church for missionary nuns. Inside, it reminds me of Berkeley’s Hillside Club. In the front row was a grandmother and her little
    grand-daughter, no more than three years old. The tiny girl looked like a cherub, with blonde, curly hair. I was told after the program that the little girl is always very shy.
    I began dancing and within fifteen minutes she got up at the bottom of the stage, just below me, and started to dance with me, mimicking my every movement, turning, moving side to side, arms going up and down. It was simply so very sweet!
    She danced below me, free as an angel, in front of the audience of over
    fifty people. I could not believe it! She was not the least bit inhibited, just loved dancing with me. The stage was elevated about four feet so she could see me from below where she was, looking up at me.
    I went in the back to change my costume and when I returned she was on the stage with me. One cannot buy such a amazing experience! At the end of the program I gave her a red scarf.
    Watch the videos below: