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Photograph by Robert A. Fischer


Lois is Sheltering in Place for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, but is accepting invitations to demonstrate, lead exercising, specializing in working with seniors, and master classes via Zoom. You may e-mail her at LAFlood4Peace@sbcglobal.net, or telephone her at (925) 820-2750.

“Dancing must Express humankind's most moral, beautiful and healthful ideals. … To awaken human emotion is the highest level of art”
—Isadora Duncan

Lois Ann Flood – a lone figure – solo dancer in gossamer silks
stark on whatever plane of performance is given
bringing to life the elegant passionate dances of the great Isadora Duncan.
Dancer / Choreographer / Historian

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    More stunning photography from Bob Fischer. Click on the photo below:

    Read this fascinating article on Isadora from a 1927 issue of the New Yorker! Isadora Duncan’s return

    Wendy Nicholson of radio station KRCB-FM (North Bay Public Media, 91.1, 90.9, online @ www.KRCB.orrg/) will interview Lois on Tuesday, March 7th at 11:15 am! You may e-mail to thank her: wendy_nicholson@krcb.org

    Master photographer Robert Fischer 's book, Loisadorais, is available for purchase: www.blurb.com/*loisadora.

    About the Book
    Bob Fischer has been in love with Isadora Duncan for over 40 years; and now, his new inspiration, Lois Ann Flood. Her dance captures the power and fire of Duncan dance, pushing him to photograph her all the more, discovering newer and deeper emotions with each shot. “Light, because it bounces off the surface, blinds us to the content of the thing being viewed. We think that if we have seen the ocean that we know the ocean. But, if we have not dived below its surface we don’t. Behind the lens that Fischer aims at Flood is a prismatic eye that dives into the ocean that is metamorphosing beneath the skin. Tides of tension and release pulse new vibrations into the observer with the turn of each page. We are not merely seeking a beautiful dancer but are beckoned into a profound exploration of an immortal muse and her idolater.”

    Author website: www.robertfischerphoto.com

    Features & Details: READ MORE

    You may preview Loisadora in the video below:

Read the following article about Lois’s Cambria perforance: Isadora Duncan focus of modern dance showcase in Cambria

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“LoisAnn, you are so beautiful! Your soul is so strong it jumps out on all the beautiful curves and turns of your graceful temple.”
—Mana Youngbear, Isis Oasis, January 13 at 6:22pm

“Truly beautiful work … with a lovely subject. You, my dear are not over the hill … you are the TOP of the mountain!"
—Richelle Lieberman, January 12 at 1:58pm

OBJECTIVE: To have Isadora Duncan be properly recognized and acknowledged by a permanent exhibit in the History Department at the Oakland Museum.

REASON: Isadora Duncan, World Renowned Artist, California Native Daughter was raised in Oakland California. Isadora was born in 1877, grew up and lived in Oakland for eighteen years where she gained much of her inspiration. She was known throughout the world as the Mother of Modern Dance. Also known for her revolutionary ideas and commitment to social change. Her philosophy on dance and movement brought a revolutionary inspiration to the Art of the Dance. Included in her new dance were, passion, strength, grief, defiance, and grace. READ MORE

Lois is a Priestess of Isis, inducted by Lady Loreon of Isis Oasis herself. Isis Oasis is one of the truly great venues for Women’s Events in Northern California. View her Certificate.

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Robert A. Fischer


A Triumph for Expression through Dance.
Isadora Duncan, a Classical Legacy

Solo Dancer – Lois Flood
founder of Diablo Dance,

        Place your hands on your heart, listen to your soul. There is the true revolution. Let the people place their hands in this way on their hearts, and in listening to their souls they will know how to conduct themselves. –Isadora Duncan

Isadora Duncan (1878-1927) Isadora Duncan an American icon who greatly influenced 20th century art world was a revolutionary, a pioneer and a legend! Often called the “mother of modern dance”, she was an artist and innovator who liberated dance from the confines of the ballet of her time and elevated it to a new art form based on simple, natural movement and the ancient Greek ideal. Read a fuller bio from the Encyclopedia of the American Left, “Isadora, a Radical Visionary”.

Ms. Flood has studied and performed with the second generation Duncan exponents, has performed at museums, colleges and theatres, San Francisco's Legion of Honor, St. Mary’s College, Danville Theatre, and has given benefit concerts for Peace and Justice Centers.

Master Classes are available

Programs can be tailored for most events
Rates available upon request

Through dance and story, significant events become impressionable, such as feminist achievements, historical and social celebrations, art events – all can have a stronger impact on participants.

We bring to you the importance of Isadora’s Legacy.

    “Dancing must Express humankind's most moral, beautiful and healthful ideals” –Isadora Duncan

Contact: Lois Flood
P.O Box 444 Alamo, CA. 94507 * (925) 820-2750
E-mail: laflood4peace @ sbcglobal.net


ISADORA was a Native Daughter, born in San Francisco in 1877. Influenced by the natural beauty of California, ancient Greek art and classical music, she created a revolution in dance – and in art.

She discovered the fundamentals of classical modern dance, a form that expressed her feelings, reaching to the depths of her soul, a true “Triumph of Expression”. It is that profound connection with the organic in the art of dance which makes her contribution unique, and timeless. Hers is a true “triumph of expression”.

HER FAME reached many continents, influencing Russian ballet, fashion and, through the freedom and strength of her art, women’s emancipation.
DUNCAN had become, by 1900, renowned for the expressive aesthetic of her dance, performing at many opera houses in Europe to sold out audiences.

TODAY her choreography will transport the audience to a time when natural, expressive movement was discovered anew, and accepted as an exciting direction for art and dance.

    “The dancer of the future will be one whose body and soul have grown so harmoniously together that the natural language of that soul will have become the movement of the body. The dancer will not belong to a nation, but to all humanity.”

    –Isadora Duncan


SOLO DANCER LOIS FLOOD interprets the historical choreography of Isadora Duncan. The performance may be from one to one and a half hours presenting these lyrical, dramatic and revolutionary dances. Many are no longer than four minutes, keeping the program moving at a steady pace. Included will be dance dances from Brahms’ Suite, opus 39, titled “The Many Faces of Love”; Tchaikovsky’s “March Slav”; waltzes by Schubert and music by Gluck; and dances that tell stories of Greek myths.

FLOOD’S costume, much of her own recreation, is similar to Duncan’s flowing silk tunic.

A GUEST ARTIST will read ancient poems at interludes during the performance, inspiring and moving for audiences of all ages.

“To express what is most beautiful and healthful in art”: this is the mission of the dancer.

Paintings by Jules Grandjouan
from the Lois Flood Collection

Lois Ann Flood

Lois has been performing the exquisite dances of Isadora Duncan for over 20 years. Her interpretations are widely recognized for their dynamic, expressive and dramatic qualities. She is also acknowledged for her sensitive and profound musicality as she creates visual music though movement.

Her Duncan dance studies include the great exponents of this generation, Hortense Kooluris, Julia Levien and Mignon Garland.

625 524

She has performed and taught master classes in NYC, Paris and San Francisco.

Lois is well known in the Northern California area, where she performs lecture/dance programs at theaters, museums and colleges.

Lois grew up in NYC where she initially studied ballet. She has spent many years teaching Duncan Dance to all ages and is the founder of Diablo Dance Theatre. Lois currently resides in Danville, California.

For more on Lois, her classes and her study and teaching experience, click on: MORE ABOUT LOIS.


E-mail: laflood4peace @ sbcglobal.net

Telephone: (925) 820-2750